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Treating Others



This one is a hard one for there are so many different variables within this group.  You have yourself, others, animals and than we have our objects.  How we treat anyone of these really shows the universe who we really are as a person.    Just like ourselves and others, animals are here for a spiritual purpose.  Objects are things we create to be in our lives to teach us how to treat spiritual beings.

Lets think and look at it this way.  When we have things within our home that is damaged, not taken care of.  The universe may not be bringing anything new into your life thinking that you will not know how to take care of it.  As we start to change our thinking and fixing what we have the universe starts to bring more things into our life.  Now lets think about how our outer world reflects our inner world.

Now lets talk about animals, those cute cuddly four legged spirits that are here to teach us.  Animals are heart centered, for some people that is a hard concept to understand.   Some can see how our house pets can be here to help us and teach us, yet could have a hard time with the animals in the wild.  I believe we can learn more from animals in the wild, and we really are not much different than they are, for think about it this way.

When out hiking in the back country you come across many different types of animals.  When you mind your own business and carry on with disturbing them they will walk right by you without even noticing you.    The same can go the people to people interaction, if we walk right by someone who is wanting to create drama knowing that it is not our business we will get left alone.  It is when we need to let our drama be brought into the mix and could end up hurt in one way or another.

As we go through the second week of ascension this week will be all about how we treat ourselves and how that reflects in our outer world.  Take a close look at what is around you at this moment.  Yes I am talking about your material objects, how do they look does not matter if they are old.  Is there stuff all over your place to where if someone stopped by you would not feel embarrassed to let them in.

Take the time needed to reflect and write things down,

Affirmation for the week:  I honor and respect myself, and everything that conducts energy.  For I am one with the energy.













Adultery:  Voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and a person who is not his or her spouse: Having a relationship with someone who is not your spouse.

Most people think that adultery is having sex with another people who is not your spouse.  In my experience that is not always the case.  There is another one that most people don’t talk about for they don’t feel it would be considered cheating and that is emotional cheating.

Emotional cheating is disconnecting to you spouse and connecting to someone else to give you what you need emotional that you feel you would or could not be getting from you spouse.  It felt like everything changed over night but looking back at things it really did not.  For I am not sure if the we were ever really emotionally connect to each other in the way lovers need to be.

As I look back into the relationship  I always felt like the other women with him.  It seemed like he was able to connect with other women in the neighborhood easier than with me.  There was many times I was envy of these women for I wanted the attention from him that they were getting.  I kept on telling myself that it was not a big deal for he was going home with me.

I guess I always new he had the grass is greener on the other side.  Not wanting to do the work to have the grass green on his side.  Needed the easy way out of everything.

I know I contribute to this by not feeling secure within myself to know what I deserve and will except.  So when he finally gave his heart away to someone else while we where still married it really did not surprise me at all.  I think I knew inside that it was just going to be a matter of time before he left.

I know now looking back this all comes from my childhood in the fact that when your parents will not attach to you emotionally why would you think anyone else would during your life time.

Sexual adultery is one that I have not experience in this life time.  From what I know and have seen from others that have experience it some think grass is greener on the other side and others are very self centered.  For they don’t think they are going to get caught our they have lack of respect for themselves and others.

  1. Know you are worth loving.  You do this by loving yourself first.
  2. Keep a journal and write down and emotions and feels that come up.  Make sure you honor them.
  3. Treat yourself with kindness.
  4. Connect with yourself.

Michelle Robin

Spiritual U