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Jesue Taught Love

Jesue Taught Love

We all know those people who like to throw their energy out and make people think that they are powerful and have everything under control. The reality of the fact is the ones who can sit back watch what is going on are the real ones who are powerful. They don’t need to get wrapped up in what is going on to care about what is happening. They are the ones who look for other way to show people who they really are. That we all know those people who like to through their energy around and make it look like they are would be the key word show.
Have you notice in life that the ones who are able to talk about themselves but not have the action to back it up are the ones people are looking up to as leaders. We need to create a new generation of leaders ones who really know what it means to lead. The ones who are calm when confronted with issues and not just throw their energy around and really don’t care who it is going to effect.
Out of all the books, movies not one has ever shown Jesus to be a person to throw his energy around and everyone looks up to him as a great leader. Than why is it if he is our example of a great leader we don’t know how to pick one. It is because everyone has put Jesus on a pedestal like what he has done no one will ever be able to achieve so why bother being a leader like him. There have been many other great leaders since Jesus these are not the ones who stand up and become our politicians these are the ones who do one small thing each and every day to make a change in their world for the betterment of the future.
All the great leaders out there teach love. This month work on seeing love in everything that you do. After all this is the month of love. See where this will take your life when we start to fully open our hearts to everyone. The homeless on the corner, the person you work with that you may not like, ever being here on earth has a soul and that soul is worth loving and being cared for. After all is that not what Jesus taught? He even loved the people who were about to make him suffer for just being him and yet he never stopped being who he was not matter what the end result was going to be. He knew that what was to happen would all be okay in the end.




Christmas is a time for love.  Jesus was a great example for love and he even loved his enemies.  He knew that there was a higher plan for him and he stayed connected no matter what he was put under.  The ones who were out to hurt him, he forgave them all the time.

He did not have an easy life there where many people working on a reason to end his life for they did not like what he stood for.  In fact it was years after his passing that he even got any recognition for what he taught.  There have been many movies that have  reflected his life.

There was even times when he wandered off to the neighborhood temple to learn new things, and teach new things.  Jesus was a great teacher.  One that after all these years people are still wanting to learn from.  His message was love and for some reason we have lost sight of that after all these years.

People are judging other people because of what they look like or who they choose to love.  For many years some think Mary Magdalene was a prostitute that Jesus chose to show love towards.  I know there are controversial issues on Mary.  Either way she chose to love Jesus back and listen to his words on how to show love.

We are visual beings. This can make it hard for some to figure out how to be love or show love.  This is why Jesus was on Earth during the time that he was, to show people how to be love.  The lives he touched would multiply as people showed others how to love and be loved.

This Christmas, be the love you want to see in the world and shine that for everyone to see.

Have a very blessed and Merry Christmas.