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Treating Others



This one is a hard one for there are so many different variables within this group.  You have yourself, others, animals and than we have our objects.  How we treat anyone of these really shows the universe who we really are as a person.    Just like ourselves and others, animals are here for a spiritual purpose.  Objects are things we create to be in our lives to teach us how to treat spiritual beings.

Lets think and look at it this way.  When we have things within our home that is damaged, not taken care of.  The universe may not be bringing anything new into your life thinking that you will not know how to take care of it.  As we start to change our thinking and fixing what we have the universe starts to bring more things into our life.  Now lets think about how our outer world reflects our inner world.

Now lets talk about animals, those cute cuddly four legged spirits that are here to teach us.  Animals are heart centered, for some people that is a hard concept to understand.   Some can see how our house pets can be here to help us and teach us, yet could have a hard time with the animals in the wild.  I believe we can learn more from animals in the wild, and we really are not much different than they are, for think about it this way.

When out hiking in the back country you come across many different types of animals.  When you mind your own business and carry on with disturbing them they will walk right by you without even noticing you.    The same can go the people to people interaction, if we walk right by someone who is wanting to create drama knowing that it is not our business we will get left alone.  It is when we need to let our drama be brought into the mix and could end up hurt in one way or another.

As we go through the second week of ascension this week will be all about how we treat ourselves and how that reflects in our outer world.  Take a close look at what is around you at this moment.  Yes I am talking about your material objects, how do they look does not matter if they are old.  Is there stuff all over your place to where if someone stopped by you would not feel embarrassed to let them in.

Take the time needed to reflect and write things down,

Affirmation for the week:  I honor and respect myself, and everything that conducts energy.  For I am one with the energy.














the action or fact of abandoning or being abandoned.   Being left by a person you love with no reason why.

Abandonment is a hard one to overcome.  For this one of the first lessons we learn in life is trust for our parents.  If you have ever had kids you know that they love to do things over and over again to see if they are going to get the same reaction from you.  One game they like to play is dropping things off the table or high chair.

This teachers the infant trust and if their parent will be there for them through even the little things.  If the parent does not play pick up game with the infant the infant will soon learn that they will not be able to trust and start to feel abandon by the parents.

There are many times during a child’s life when the parent and other adults in their life can either erase what was done early or increase the lack of trust that is already there.  Children love their parents and need to trust them.  If the parent is unable to spend any time with the child that will create abandonment issues.

As a child gets older abandonment issues will start to show up in many ways.  Not being able to keep friends for a long time.  For they are always waiting for the bottom to fall out for it always did with their parents.

I remember that their was several times when I needed to talk to my parents for some reason.  I was a very emotional child and for that my parents did not have the time or energy to teach me what I needed for me to learn to control my emotions.

I learned early on that the only one I could trust was me.  This really did not serve me well at the time.  Fore I was young and did not know how this world worked.  I had to make my way through this life time with trial and error.  This did not always work well for me.  I have made many a mistakes along the way.

The biggest way I was able to trust and release my abandonment issue that I got as a child.  I had to learn to love myself.  Take care of myself and spend time with my self.  I had to become my best friend.  While doing this I was able to open up my heart chakra and really learn who I am as a person.

Ways to start to become yourselves best friend.

  1. Take yourself out to eat.
  2. What is that one activity you enjoyed doing outside as a child.  Do that, this will help bring back the inner child.
  3. Spend time with people who feed you.
  4. Spend time alone if that is what you need to recharge.
  5. Most of all treat yourself that way you want everyone else to treat you.
I love myself, I enjoy spending time with myself, I treat myself I expect everyone else to treat me.