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Treating Others



This one is a hard one for there are so many different variables within this group.  You have yourself, others, animals and than we have our objects.  How we treat anyone of these really shows the universe who we really are as a person.    Just like ourselves and others, animals are here for a spiritual purpose.  Objects are things we create to be in our lives to teach us how to treat spiritual beings.

Lets think and look at it this way.  When we have things within our home that is damaged, not taken care of.  The universe may not be bringing anything new into your life thinking that you will not know how to take care of it.  As we start to change our thinking and fixing what we have the universe starts to bring more things into our life.  Now lets think about how our outer world reflects our inner world.

Now lets talk about animals, those cute cuddly four legged spirits that are here to teach us.  Animals are heart centered, for some people that is a hard concept to understand.   Some can see how our house pets can be here to help us and teach us, yet could have a hard time with the animals in the wild.  I believe we can learn more from animals in the wild, and we really are not much different than they are, for think about it this way.

When out hiking in the back country you come across many different types of animals.  When you mind your own business and carry on with disturbing them they will walk right by you without even noticing you.    The same can go the people to people interaction, if we walk right by someone who is wanting to create drama knowing that it is not our business we will get left alone.  It is when we need to let our drama be brought into the mix and could end up hurt in one way or another.

As we go through the second week of ascension this week will be all about how we treat ourselves and how that reflects in our outer world.  Take a close look at what is around you at this moment.  Yes I am talking about your material objects, how do they look does not matter if they are old.  Is there stuff all over your place to where if someone stopped by you would not feel embarrassed to let them in.

Take the time needed to reflect and write things down,

Affirmation for the week:  I honor and respect myself, and everything that conducts energy.  For I am one with the energy.













Anger:  A strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility.  You are easily to get upset. You take it out on the people who care about you the most.

Anger is an emotion that can either be used for the good in which it helps us make changes that we need to make to better or life.  Anger is most often used as a defense against others to show them how easily we get frustrated and mad.

This is one I grow up with a lot.  I saw my dad and brother fight all the time over the little things.  My older brother would get mad and go into my room and throw my things around and break them.  If I did not do his house would I would get kicked and hit all the time.  I remember one time I got thrown into a window at our home and it broke.  Our parents never question what happened.  It was like they really did not care.

I seems like anger was the one emotion that was a loud in the house growing up.  My mother would get mad at the little thing and take it out on the person who was there and not who did.  This really taught my that it did not mater if you did it our not in life it would always be your fault.  I have carried that with me many times through out my adult life.

I even brought this one into my adult hood with the man I married and how easily he got mad.  Something would go wrong at would and he would take it out at home.  To protect the kids from him getting mad at them for being a child I would create an argument with him to get his mind of what they just did.  I really did this a lot.

Ways to remove anger from your life.

  1. Do something that is relaxing for you.
  2. Keep a journal with you and write down what is going on when you get angry.
  3. Recognize you emotions and feelings.  Honor them for what they are remember not all emotions are for everyone to see.
  4. Start to recognize some of your triggered points.  Is this something that builds during the day or is it one incident that happens over and over again.
  5. Work on forgiving yourself and than others.  Remember everything starts at home.
  6. See the love in what is going on.  Sometimes it is our own filter because of what we saw growing up.

Anger can be healthy if it helps you make changes to better your life.  For example this last year has been the worst in my life for financial income.  No matter what I did it almost seemed like it was working against me.  I came to realize I was working with a contract with another soul during this life time.  That soul does not understand what is really going on so I got mad decided to cancel the contract and pull the cords connecting me and that person so I can move forward with the life I am meant to have.

Michelle Robin

Spiritual U