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Treating Others



This one is a hard one for there are so many different variables within this group.  You have yourself, others, animals and than we have our objects.  How we treat anyone of these really shows the universe who we really are as a person.    Just like ourselves and others, animals are here for a spiritual purpose.  Objects are things we create to be in our lives to teach us how to treat spiritual beings.

Lets think and look at it this way.  When we have things within our home that is damaged, not taken care of.  The universe may not be bringing anything new into your life thinking that you will not know how to take care of it.  As we start to change our thinking and fixing what we have the universe starts to bring more things into our life.  Now lets think about how our outer world reflects our inner world.

Now lets talk about animals, those cute cuddly four legged spirits that are here to teach us.  Animals are heart centered, for some people that is a hard concept to understand.   Some can see how our house pets can be here to help us and teach us, yet could have a hard time with the animals in the wild.  I believe we can learn more from animals in the wild, and we really are not much different than they are, for think about it this way.

When out hiking in the back country you come across many different types of animals.  When you mind your own business and carry on with disturbing them they will walk right by you without even noticing you.    The same can go the people to people interaction, if we walk right by someone who is wanting to create drama knowing that it is not our business we will get left alone.  It is when we need to let our drama be brought into the mix and could end up hurt in one way or another.

As we go through the second week of ascension this week will be all about how we treat ourselves and how that reflects in our outer world.  Take a close look at what is around you at this moment.  Yes I am talking about your material objects, how do they look does not matter if they are old.  Is there stuff all over your place to where if someone stopped by you would not feel embarrassed to let them in.

Take the time needed to reflect and write things down,

Affirmation for the week:  I honor and respect myself, and everything that conducts energy.  For I am one with the energy.













Abuse:  Treat (a person or an animal) with cruelty or violence, especially regularly or repeatedly: Either you are the one forcing your well on other people using physical or emotional abuse.

Abuse the subjects that everyone know about but yet no one wants to talk about.  This is one that is sweep under the rug more times then most others.  This is also a vague topic that includes many different areas of abuse.  I will be talking about all of them mental abuse, physical abuse, and sexual abuse.  Then the one most people don’t think is in this area for abuse is neglect.

Growing up and having a parent ask you everyday what good are you for says a lot to a child.  Or you are an emotional child and always told to go to your room and that no one wants to hear it.  Mental abuse is the hardest to get through for it happens over a long period of time and very slowing.  It attacks the part of you that you really need to be a contributing adult to society.  This hurts or self worth, or self esteem.  With mental abuse kids are really quite afraid if they say the wrong thing people will get made at them and tell them how stupid they are.

Physical abuse is one that can be seen in many ways.  From burses on the body.  To someone being timid and with drawn when people get made and angry around them.  I was the punching bag of my older brother a lot growing up.  There was many times when I would not wear shorts because I would have bruises all over my legs.  My parents just chucked it up as I bruise really easy.  They never really asked.  I never told for I was not worth listening with them I learned that when I was 4.

Sexual abuse is one people don’t like to see happen but when it does no one knows how to act what to say or even how to help.  I know this is the reason why I have put on weight and have not been able to fully release it.  For I have started to let it go a few times and each time something happens.  The first was when I was a child.  I was molested my a family member one I lived with.  Than I was around 10 and watching another family members kids when he came out wearing a rope and underwear that had holes in it.  This was the last time I watched his kids.  I least I was hopping so.  I did not want to go back there but I was not able to tell my parents what had happened to me by any one of the family members for I was just an emotional child and nobody wanted to listen to me.

Physical and sexual abuse if you get the right help you can get through faster for you know when it happened who did it.  Sometimes it is just trying to figure out why they did it is the problem.

Neglect the one that is unseen and people don’t realize that it is really in the abuse category.  I had learned early on that if my parents where getting after me I did something wrong.  Never really had many good times with them.  There are some with my dad before I turned 8.  I was still second in line to my older brother.  I learned early on that if I wanted to do what I wanted to stay under the radar of my parents and my older brother for some reason he was god within the house hold at least to my mother.

Emotional and neglect have been the hardest to get through for it happened over a series of years and it was words not people say are nothing but words do more long term damage then a bruise.

You put these together in one soul within one life time and you create a soul that does not trust anyone and yet does not think they are worthy of having what their hearts truly desire.  This does create a battle within that soul.  One that is fought everyday.  To get through this there are a few things you can do.

  1. Need to morn the lost of your inner child.  Once we do this we can morn the lost of our childhood.
  2. Start to love ourselves the way we want other people to love us.  This will allow the universe to send people into your life who can love in you that way.
  3. Honor your emotions and feelings when they come up.
  4. See trust in everyone whether it is for the good or not.  There are several people I trust to act a way around me that I don’t like so I choose not to have contact with them.

When those emotions start to show up write them down.  Take notice what is going on around you, and how you are feeling.  This will help you identify some trigger points for these emotions and feelings.

Michelle Robin

Spiritual U