This is a 60 minute session where I work with your higher self to remove an negative block, (issue) you are wanting to change.  At the end of this session I will replace the negative block with a positive emotion so you can start to see some change within your life.




Working on clearing yo12308412_926154884130516_2693126764566018137_nur life of major issues that may be going on.  Than this session is for you.  I go through all your past lives remove the issue from all of them replace them with a positive emotion.  Than find an life time when you had what you wanted in your life and upload that to your Souls DNA in this life time.  This is a 6 week session.




Wanting a more intense program to help give you the best jumpstart within your life.  This is a six month program.  We meet once a week for 8 weeks, than every other for two months, than once a month for two months, for a total of 14 hours.  I go though your past lives, your parallel universes and parallel lives to help you become whole.


Block removal $100.00 USD
Block removal and clearing $700.00 USD
Soul Restructruing Program $1500.00 USD
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