Information of Knowledge

What changing times we are in.  What people are seeing and what is going on are one in the same on in different Dimension.  For this site dimension are mind concepts it is not a place in which we will be.  When we look at them as mind concepts they are easier to understand.  For when you are in one dimension within the mind you can see the lower dimensions, but you will not be able to see the higher dimensions.  This is how people can be in more than one dimension at the same time.

Madonna said it best when she wrote the song I am a Material Girl, living in a Material World for that is what the 3rd Dimension is called the Material World.  This is where we learn to create and gain mastery of the mind.  The movie The Secret also talked about the 3rd Dimension when it talked about needing to have the matching thoughts in your subconscious mind and your conscious mind in order to obtain anything.  Towards the end of the movie they talked about needing to have your emotions there in the same place.

Here in the 3rd Dimension you will come in contract with low vibrational people and situations.  These are here to help you move from where they are to where you need to be.  We do have a choose and most times the choose that people make is not to make a choose which will keep them right were they are at.  As we figure out that we need to make chooses and take responsibility for what is showing up within our world we start to become aware of what we have not been aware of for a long time.

As this happens we start to clear out our homes and remove clutter that has been filling up or lives for way to long.  We start to want a more simple life.  As this happens we also go through an emotional perch that is needed to learn how to detach and reattach to our source.  This is all part of the 4th Dimension which is a bridge from the 3rd to the 5th how long you are on here is depending on how long it takes you to let go and trust your source that you will be taken care of no matter what is going on around you.

This is the place with the war between the light and dark as more people start to trust and reconnect the dark needs to become stronger to put out the light.  This is not the place to be taking sides it is the place to know that you don’t need to take a side to make it through.  For taking a side is still hanging on to ego and what you think is right for everyone.  We are all here with different paths and what is right for one soul is not going to be right for another soul.

As we start to enter the 5th Dimension we come to realize that no mater what is going on we will be ok.  We start to have more moments of uncontrollable laughter and love.  We become more grateful for what we have and what we are about to receive.  We know that just because there is no money in our back account that when we need to pay for something as long as we have been putting the action in place that it will be there.

We all know those people that are really grateful for the smallest thing and are just always happy and we think oh they must be high in order to be that uncontrollable happy.  Well the truth is they are high on the love they feel for themselves and others.  For when we become grateful for what we have and even the smallest of things we began to become connect to our source more and more.  With this connection we start to see more miracles happen within our world whether it is for ourselves or others.