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Love, where you are at


the-curious-paradox-is-that-when-i-accept-myself-just-as-i-am-then-i-can-changeAs I was waking up this morning I was getting this download from the universe.  I know this is happening when my body starts to feel a little different from normal.  I know at this time that I need to Love where I am at and embrace the new me that is coming.  Today will be a day where I relax, and not give much thought to what needs to be done around my place.  This day is about listening to my body, and loving where I am at.

How do you know if you are getting a download from the universe.  Some of the signs maybe tried for the day, feeling a little fogging in the head.  Not wanting to do much or have the energy to do much.  If you are aware and sensitive you may even be able to feel every cell in your body moving and changing as I am right now as I am writing this.

When we are able to Love ourselves for where we are at than and only than can we create things to start to change for us.  Just like Mother Nature will take a decaying tree and create life from it, or like the Phoenix how it becomes reborn again from its ashes. These things are not possible if they always fought about where there where at.  These things can happen because both are okay with were they are at.

This is sometimes the hardest concept that we will need to except for you may not like where you are at today for many number of reasons, can you except that you are there and how you got there.  Once you can come to terms that yes you are there and how you got there you can use the frustration to make those changes that you need to make in order to have a new realization of your life.

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Jesue Taught Love

Jesue Taught Love

We all know those people who like to throw their energy out and make people think that they are powerful and have everything under control. The reality of the fact is the ones who can sit back watch what is going on are the real ones who are powerful. They don’t need to get wrapped up in what is going on to care about what is happening. They are the ones who look for other way to show people who they really are. That we all know those people who like to through their energy around and make it look like they are would be the key word show.
Have you notice in life that the ones who are able to talk about themselves but not have the action to back it up are the ones people are looking up to as leaders. We need to create a new generation of leaders ones who really know what it means to lead. The ones who are calm when confronted with issues and not just throw their energy around and really don’t care who it is going to effect.
Out of all the books, movies not one has ever shown Jesus to be a person to throw his energy around and everyone looks up to him as a great leader. Than why is it if he is our example of a great leader we don’t know how to pick one. It is because everyone has put Jesus on a pedestal like what he has done no one will ever be able to achieve so why bother being a leader like him. There have been many other great leaders since Jesus these are not the ones who stand up and become our politicians these are the ones who do one small thing each and every day to make a change in their world for the betterment of the future.
All the great leaders out there teach love. This month work on seeing love in everything that you do. After all this is the month of love. See where this will take your life when we start to fully open our hearts to everyone. The homeless on the corner, the person you work with that you may not like, ever being here on earth has a soul and that soul is worth loving and being cared for. After all is that not what Jesus taught? He even loved the people who were about to make him suffer for just being him and yet he never stopped being who he was not matter what the end result was going to be. He knew that what was to happen would all be okay in the end.

Soul’s DNA

Soul’s DNA

Have you ever wondered why events happen to you the way they do.  How about how often they happen to you.  Sometimes it feels like you have done all this work on yourself to find that you are having to deal with the same things just on a different level.  This can get hard for people at times and then they may want to give up.

What I do is work with past life’s to help clean them up so you are not having to work on all the different layers of your lives.  I am going to give a visual to what I do.  If you look at your Soul’s DNA as if it is an onion.  The outside layer is this life time.  This holds everything that has happened throughout this life time.

In the diagram below the onion represents a life. The skin represents this life time.  Things that have happened.  The layers inside represent the different past life’s within this Soul’s DNA.  In each life time we could have both positive things that happen for us and negative things that happen for us.  It is our job throughout life to learn how to make the negative stuff work for us.

This can be hard for some people.  I know this was a hard concept for me to understand.  Like my daughter would say.  Every thing will be ok at the end, if it not okay it is not the end.  What this means is that we need to make peace with things that happen for us.  This way we can let go and move on.

Learning to let things go is a very important skill in life.  It is when we can truly let things go that we can start to forgive ourselves for our reactions to things that have happened to us, or forgive what we have done to others.  Learning to forgive yourself is a process of learning to love all of you.  Make peace with your past.  It is the only one you have in this life time.

Don’t over think what is going on.  Take each moment for what it is.  What is really going on is not more or less than what you see.  For that is all you have the vibration to see.  The lesson for either you or the person you are helping is in what they see.

Enjoy the journey this could be the only one you have like this.  Each event that happens in our life is for us.  Sometimes things happen because we believe that we don’t deserve anything better so we choice something that is not for our best and highest good.  When things go wrong we wonder why things are not going our way and we put blame on others for not being honorable to what they sale.  When in fact if you believed you deserved better your energy would not have even brought you there.

Souls DNA


Learning Lessons in Life.

Learning Lessons in Life.

We all go through this some are more intense then others.  We come across something that we want or need and what shows up is not really what we wanted.  Why not is the questions we ask our self way to often or you feel like you must not have desired what you wanted so you got what you got and you deal with it.

Look back to when you acquired what you got.  What kind of mood were you in at that time and moment.  If you had a lot of anxiety and your mood was you just did not know what you would do without it than you may not always get what is in your best interest.  In order for spirit to work for us and through us we need to learn to stay calm disconnected from what is going on.  This will allow us to acquire what is in the best interested for us.

As we go through lessons in life if we don’t catch it the first time, than the second time it becomes stronger and each time after that it becomes more intense until it hits us hard and we decide to listen to what is going on.

When things happen to us and we react as if it is happening to us and not for us no matter how hard we may find it.  What we get is what we do to our selves not matter how we think about it.  We need to remember that our guides are always working for us.  They want to see us have what will be in the best interest for us.

It is our job to let all the great stuff come to us for our better good.  When we go into doubt, anxiety, and go into panic mode we stop the flow of our highest and best from coming to us.  No matter what your time frame is the universe knows what you need and by when.  They are listening to us all the time.

Learn to relax, stay calm and let what you desire for your highest good come to you.



Appeasement:  The action or process of appeasing.   Always wanting to please other people.  Your loyalty is on whether others are happy.

Growing up we are taught how to please other people.  Make the happy or content by doing what is asked of us.  This is started when we are little and our parents work on getting us to eat.  Then it is with us cleaning our room.  Then it goes to doing house work.  For me it was having to watch my younger brother all the time.

Then we start school and the teachers want us to pay attention, do our work.  Than the kids in the school are asking something different of you.  For some people there was never a time when you get to choice what you would like to do.  I think that in schools today it is even worst than when I was in school.  Gone are the days of school and learning to think.  The days of doing what I say when I say are here.

I know for school and home was not about learning to navigate this world and learn to think.  It was more about do what I say make me happy and you will be happy.  Well as I get older I am finding out that is really not true.  For  me doing what others what all the time does not make me happy.  I am happier when I get to be free choose what I want to do and be ok with what I make.

I have seen this in many areas of my life.  I was in a store and someone returned a cook rip roast that they had cooked up for Christmas dinner and because it was tuff they thought it had to have been the meat and returned about.  Than another time I was there and someone left some ham in there car and it went bad you could tell that it was left out of the fridge for the plastic around the ham filled up with air.  Returned it for full exchange.  What happened to the days when people where made responsible for their own actions.   We have created a society that is afraid to hurt another person feelings.


Appeasement should not be about pleasing others it is about pleasing yourself so you can serve others.






Apathy:  Lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern: You choose not to finish something even though you know that you need to.

I have seen this one many times within my childhood.  I think this is why I am so determined to get things done.  Growing up if I had an issue with my older brother and would talk to my mother it would not go any further it was like she was the keeper of all knowledge and did not do anything with it.

I see this a lot in our children today.  It is almost like they don’t care what is happening to them or what is going on in their life.  I remember my grandmother talking about how she never looks less than her best even if she is planning on staying home for the day.  She would get up get ready for the day.

Kids today and some in my generation where not taught to take of them self’s the way we need to.  I remember I always had to have short hair when I was younger for instead of my mom learning on to brush think curly hair she would have me have the pixy cut so she would not have to deal with it.

I think we are creating a generation of children and young adults who really don’t care about much.  For even with the school it is the parents who gets into trouble if the child is not doing the home work and there is no real consequence for them to want to complete their work.

I was raised with the idea that you cant change what is happening to you.  I have always known that this is not true.  I have worked really hard at teaching this to my children that they are responsible for their chooses and what is happening to them.

Start a daily routine that helps you feel good about yourself for when we feel good about who we are than we will put more effort into what we do.

  1. Create a daily routine.
  2. Make the commitment to follow this through.
  3. Keep a journal so you can write down anything you feel works or not working.

Michelle Robin

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Anger:  A strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility.  You are easily to get upset. You take it out on the people who care about you the most.

Anger is an emotion that can either be used for the good in which it helps us make changes that we need to make to better or life.  Anger is most often used as a defense against others to show them how easily we get frustrated and mad.

This is one I grow up with a lot.  I saw my dad and brother fight all the time over the little things.  My older brother would get mad and go into my room and throw my things around and break them.  If I did not do his house would I would get kicked and hit all the time.  I remember one time I got thrown into a window at our home and it broke.  Our parents never question what happened.  It was like they really did not care.

I seems like anger was the one emotion that was a loud in the house growing up.  My mother would get mad at the little thing and take it out on the person who was there and not who did.  This really taught my that it did not mater if you did it our not in life it would always be your fault.  I have carried that with me many times through out my adult life.

I even brought this one into my adult hood with the man I married and how easily he got mad.  Something would go wrong at would and he would take it out at home.  To protect the kids from him getting mad at them for being a child I would create an argument with him to get his mind of what they just did.  I really did this a lot.

Ways to remove anger from your life.

  1. Do something that is relaxing for you.
  2. Keep a journal with you and write down what is going on when you get angry.
  3. Recognize you emotions and feelings.  Honor them for what they are remember not all emotions are for everyone to see.
  4. Start to recognize some of your triggered points.  Is this something that builds during the day or is it one incident that happens over and over again.
  5. Work on forgiving yourself and than others.  Remember everything starts at home.
  6. See the love in what is going on.  Sometimes it is our own filter because of what we saw growing up.

Anger can be healthy if it helps you make changes to better your life.  For example this last year has been the worst in my life for financial income.  No matter what I did it almost seemed like it was working against me.  I came to realize I was working with a contract with another soul during this life time.  That soul does not understand what is really going on so I got mad decided to cancel the contract and pull the cords connecting me and that person so I can move forward with the life I am meant to have.

Michelle Robin

Spiritual U