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Born an empath I have always been able to make energy connection between two or more events. As I got older I noticed that I could see the same energy lines between people and events that have happened in there life's.

Treating Others



This one is a hard one for there are so many different variables within this group.  You have yourself, others, animals and than we have our objects.  How we treat anyone of these really shows the universe who we really are as a person.    Just like ourselves and others, animals are here for a spiritual purpose.  Objects are things we create to be in our lives to teach us how to treat spiritual beings.

Lets think and look at it this way.  When we have things within our home that is damaged, not taken care of.  The universe may not be bringing anything new into your life thinking that you will not know how to take care of it.  As we start to change our thinking and fixing what we have the universe starts to bring more things into our life.  Now lets think about how our outer world reflects our inner world.

Now lets talk about animals, those cute cuddly four legged spirits that are here to teach us.  Animals are heart centered, for some people that is a hard concept to understand.   Some can see how our house pets can be here to help us and teach us, yet could have a hard time with the animals in the wild.  I believe we can learn more from animals in the wild, and we really are not much different than they are, for think about it this way.

When out hiking in the back country you come across many different types of animals.  When you mind your own business and carry on with disturbing them they will walk right by you without even noticing you.    The same can go the people to people interaction, if we walk right by someone who is wanting to create drama knowing that it is not our business we will get left alone.  It is when we need to let our drama be brought into the mix and could end up hurt in one way or another.

As we go through the second week of ascension this week will be all about how we treat ourselves and how that reflects in our outer world.  Take a close look at what is around you at this moment.  Yes I am talking about your material objects, how do they look does not matter if they are old.  Is there stuff all over your place to where if someone stopped by you would not feel embarrassed to let them in.

Take the time needed to reflect and write things down,

Affirmation for the week:  I honor and respect myself, and everything that conducts energy.  For I am one with the energy.











12 Chakra


In past 5 years Earth has gone through many changes and yet there are more to come.  Many of us have started on our journey to Ascension, this all starts with opening up the 5 chakras that have not been opened in many people since the time of Atlantis.  For everyone this looks different for everyone is on their own path of growth and we need to start off from where we are at.  How do you know if you are starting on your journey, you feel like there is something more in this world that you are to be doing and yet you just can’t seem to put any words to it.  Your family and friends ask you if you are doing okay for you have made many dramatic changes within your life that does not make since to them.  Your are becoming more aware of your spiritual gifts and you have been using them.

There has been more and more people that are working on doing self work with opening up the lower chakras, which are the basic of the foundation that is needed to be strong.  As we open these we come to realize our intuitive side of us.  Some of us have this feeling that what we are doing is right, this comes from being connected to our Sacral Chakra.  Third eye helps us see things in a different way than most others, this is important in a way that you get to hold a vision for this world that most cannot even think of.  Through the Crown Chakra there is information that is able to be down loaded to you at a moment notice.  No matter where you are at know that you are in the perfect place.

Your 8th chakra is the last one that you can touch with your physical hands.  This one is about 18 inches above your head and about 6 inches round.  This is the first one that needs to be looked into, this is the one I love the most your Akashic Records.  Your 9th chakra is about 3 feet above there and then they go up further from that point.  This one will show you your past lives, with being able to know and see our past lives gives us the sense of eternal life.  10th Chakra connection to life, this one joins together the Feminine the Masculine and Earth energies knowing that we are all one.  11th chakra teleportation, telecommunication, this one includes astral travel.  12th chakra this one pulls all the others together to work within your life here.  When we become at peace with what is going on around us, and can still be of service for others.  Than we know that we have tapped into our advanced chakras.  These advanced chakras help us connect and communicate with people we never thought was possible.  These chakras are here to help us and guide us on our next journey in this live time.

Love, where you are at


the-curious-paradox-is-that-when-i-accept-myself-just-as-i-am-then-i-can-changeAs I was waking up this morning I was getting this download from the universe.  I know this is happening when my body starts to feel a little different from normal.  I know at this time that I need to Love where I am at and embrace the new me that is coming.  Today will be a day where I relax, and not give much thought to what needs to be done around my place.  This day is about listening to my body, and loving where I am at.

How do you know if you are getting a download from the universe.  Some of the signs maybe tried for the day, feeling a little fogging in the head.  Not wanting to do much or have the energy to do much.  If you are aware and sensitive you may even be able to feel every cell in your body moving and changing as I am right now as I am writing this.

When we are able to Love ourselves for where we are at than and only than can we create things to start to change for us.  Just like Mother Nature will take a decaying tree and create life from it, or like the Phoenix how it becomes reborn again from its ashes. These things are not possible if they always fought about where there where at.  These things can happen because both are okay with were they are at.

This is sometimes the hardest concept that we will need to except for you may not like where you are at today for many number of reasons, can you except that you are there and how you got there.  Once you can come to terms that yes you are there and how you got there you can use the frustration to make those changes that you need to make in order to have a new realization of your life.

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Michelle Adams

Jesue Taught Love

Jesue Taught Love

We all know those people who like to throw their energy out and make people think that they are powerful and have everything under control. The reality of the fact is the ones who can sit back watch what is going on are the real ones who are powerful. They don’t need to get wrapped up in what is going on to care about what is happening. They are the ones who look for other way to show people who they really are. That we all know those people who like to through their energy around and make it look like they are would be the key word show.
Have you notice in life that the ones who are able to talk about themselves but not have the action to back it up are the ones people are looking up to as leaders. We need to create a new generation of leaders ones who really know what it means to lead. The ones who are calm when confronted with issues and not just throw their energy around and really don’t care who it is going to effect.
Out of all the books, movies not one has ever shown Jesus to be a person to throw his energy around and everyone looks up to him as a great leader. Than why is it if he is our example of a great leader we don’t know how to pick one. It is because everyone has put Jesus on a pedestal like what he has done no one will ever be able to achieve so why bother being a leader like him. There have been many other great leaders since Jesus these are not the ones who stand up and become our politicians these are the ones who do one small thing each and every day to make a change in their world for the betterment of the future.
All the great leaders out there teach love. This month work on seeing love in everything that you do. After all this is the month of love. See where this will take your life when we start to fully open our hearts to everyone. The homeless on the corner, the person you work with that you may not like, ever being here on earth has a soul and that soul is worth loving and being cared for. After all is that not what Jesus taught? He even loved the people who were about to make him suffer for just being him and yet he never stopped being who he was not matter what the end result was going to be. He knew that what was to happen would all be okay in the end.

Soul’s DNA

Soul’s DNA

Have you ever wondered why events happen to you the way they do.  How about how often they happen to you.  Sometimes it feels like you have done all this work on yourself to find that you are having to deal with the same things just on a different level.  This can get hard for people at times and then they may want to give up.

What I do is work with past life’s to help clean them up so you are not having to work on all the different layers of your lives.  I am going to give a visual to what I do.  If you look at your Soul’s DNA as if it is an onion.  The outside layer is this life time.  This holds everything that has happened throughout this life time.

In the diagram below the onion represents a life. The skin represents this life time.  Things that have happened.  The layers inside represent the different past life’s within this Soul’s DNA.  In each life time we could have both positive things that happen for us and negative things that happen for us.  It is our job throughout life to learn how to make the negative stuff work for us.

This can be hard for some people.  I know this was a hard concept for me to understand.  Like my daughter would say.  Every thing will be ok at the end, if it not okay it is not the end.  What this means is that we need to make peace with things that happen for us.  This way we can let go and move on.

Learning to let things go is a very important skill in life.  It is when we can truly let things go that we can start to forgive ourselves for our reactions to things that have happened to us, or forgive what we have done to others.  Learning to forgive yourself is a process of learning to love all of you.  Make peace with your past.  It is the only one you have in this life time.

Don’t over think what is going on.  Take each moment for what it is.  What is really going on is not more or less than what you see.  For that is all you have the vibration to see.  The lesson for either you or the person you are helping is in what they see.

Enjoy the journey this could be the only one you have like this.  Each event that happens in our life is for us.  Sometimes things happen because we believe that we don’t deserve anything better so we choice something that is not for our best and highest good.  When things go wrong we wonder why things are not going our way and we put blame on others for not being honorable to what they sale.  When in fact if you believed you deserved better your energy would not have even brought you there.

Souls DNA


Learning Lessons in Life.

Learning Lessons in Life.

We all go through this some are more intense then others.  We come across something that we want or need and what shows up is not really what we wanted.  Why not is the questions we ask our self way to often or you feel like you must not have desired what you wanted so you got what you got and you deal with it.

Look back to when you acquired what you got.  What kind of mood were you in at that time and moment.  If you had a lot of anxiety and your mood was you just did not know what you would do without it than you may not always get what is in your best interest.  In order for spirit to work for us and through us we need to learn to stay calm disconnected from what is going on.  This will allow us to acquire what is in the best interested for us.

As we go through lessons in life if we don’t catch it the first time, than the second time it becomes stronger and each time after that it becomes more intense until it hits us hard and we decide to listen to what is going on.

When things happen to us and we react as if it is happening to us and not for us no matter how hard we may find it.  What we get is what we do to our selves not matter how we think about it.  We need to remember that our guides are always working for us.  They want to see us have what will be in the best interest for us.

It is our job to let all the great stuff come to us for our better good.  When we go into doubt, anxiety, and go into panic mode we stop the flow of our highest and best from coming to us.  No matter what your time frame is the universe knows what you need and by when.  They are listening to us all the time.

Learn to relax, stay calm and let what you desire for your highest good come to you.



Abundance:   A large quantity of something.  People can have abundance in many different ways. Money, love, material items.

There are many different areas of our life in which we can have and show abundance.  There is financial, love, material items, time.  We need to remember that what we give away is what we get back and the about of enjoyment in which we do this shows our vibration frequency that will show up with this.

Over that last four years I have seen this all come and go within my life.  I am to say that it is now here to stay.  For I now understand that when we do things with love and laughter the vibration is higher than we could even imagine it could be.  Most of this is because of choices I have made and others it was time for a change.

I have met some financial poor people and yet they are the most abundant people I know.  For they know it is the love which they put into things that will always come back.  They give service to the community to help out.  They are the ones who spend time listening to people without really getting involved with their issues.

Most people have figured out the law what you give is what you receive.  How does this really relate to abundance.  If you lots of time and you volunteer all around your community then you will have more time to get what you need done.  This could come in many different ways.  One is when you volunteer you get to know people around town and make connects so when you have a bigger project and need help you will know the right person to help you.

Financial abundance I have seen is where people have the hardest time with.  For if you feel you don’t have the money you will not be willing to help anyone out financially or even help pay for an event to help spend the cost with other people.  To have an abundance feeling around your financial situation you first need to remove the fear that things are not being taken care of.  For the universe is always working in ways to make things happen for us that is for our highest and best.

As you take a look at your life.  Look at the different areas in which you could have abundance in.  Financial, friends, love, material items.  Is there one area in which you have completely happy with the abundance you receive in that area.  When you are in that area of you life what are your feelings at that time.  I understand this may not be as easy as it sounds.  Learn to caring those feelings into the other areas so you can have abundance with all areas of your life.