Negative Energy

Love, where you are at

As I was waking up this morning I was getting this download from the universe.  I know this is happening when my body starts to feel a little different from normal.  I know at this time that I need to Love where I am at and embrace the new me that is coming.  Today will be a day where I relax, and not give much thought to what needs to be done around my place.  This day is about listening to my body, and loving where I am at.

How do you know if you are getting a download from the universe.  Some of the signs maybe tried for the day, feeling a little fogging in the head.  Not wanting to do much or have the energy to do much.  If you are aware and sensitive you may even be able to feel every cell in your body moving and changing as I am right now as I am writing this.

When we are able to Love ourselves for where we are at than and only than can we create things to start to change for us.  Just like Mother Nature will take a decaying tree and create life from it, or like the Phoenix how it becomes reborn again from its ashes. These things are not possible if they always fought about where there where at.  These things can happen because both are okay with were they are at.

This is sometimes the hardest concept that we will need to except for you may not like where you are at today for many number of reasons, can you except that you are there and how you got there.  Once you can come to terms that yes you are there and how you got there you can use the frustration to make those changes that you need to make in order to have a new realization of your life.

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