Negative Energy

Soul’s DNA

Have you ever wondered why events happen to you the way they do.  How about how often they happen to you.  Sometimes it feels like you have done all this work on yourself to find that you are having to deal with the same things just on a different level.  This can get hard for people at times and then they may want to give up.

What I do is work with past life’s to help clean them up so you are not having to work on all the different layers of your lives.  I am going to give a visual to what I do.  If you look at your Soul’s DNA as if it is an onion.  The outside layer is this life time.  This holds everything that has happened throughout this life time.

In the diagram below the onion represents a life. The skin represents this life time.  Things that have happened.  The layers inside represent the different past life’s within this Soul’s DNA.  In each life time we could have both positive things that happen for us and negative things that happen for us.  It is our job throughout life to learn how to make the negative stuff work for us.

This can be hard for some people.  I know this was a hard concept for me to understand.  Like my daughter would say.  Every thing will be ok at the end, if it not okay it is not the end.  What this means is that we need to make peace with things that happen for us.  This way we can let go and move on.

Learning to let things go is a very important skill in life.  It is when we can truly let things go that we can start to forgive ourselves for our reactions to things that have happened to us, or forgive what we have done to others.  Learning to forgive yourself is a process of learning to love all of you.  Make peace with your past.  It is the only one you have in this life time.

Don’t over think what is going on.  Take each moment for what it is.  What is really going on is not more or less than what you see.  For that is all you have the vibration to see.  The lesson for either you or the person you are helping is in what they see.

Enjoy the journey this could be the only one you have like this.  Each event that happens in our life is for us.  Sometimes things happen because we believe that we don’t deserve anything better so we choice something that is not for our best and highest good.  When things go wrong we wonder why things are not going our way and we put blame on others for not being honorable to what they sale.  When in fact if you believed you deserved better your energy would not have even brought you there.




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