Negative Energy

Learning Lessons in Life.

We all go through this some are more intense then others.  We come across something that we want or need and what shows up is not really what we wanted.  Why not is the questions we ask our self way to often or you feel like you must not have desired what you wanted so you got what you got and you deal with it.

Look back to when you acquired what you got.  What kind of mood were you in at that time and moment.  If you had a lot of anxiety and your mood was you just did not know what you would do without it than you may not always get what is in your best interest.  In order for spirit to work for us and through us we need to learn to stay calm disconnected from what is going on.  This will allow us to acquire what is in the best interested for us.

As we go through lessons in life if we don’t catch it the first time, than the second time it becomes stronger and each time after that it becomes more intense until it hits us hard and we decide to listen to what is going on.

When things happen to us and we react as if it is happening to us and not for us no matter how hard we may find it.  What we get is what we do to our selves not matter how we think about it.  We need to remember that our guides are always working for us.  They want to see us have what will be in the best interest for us.

It is our job to let all the great stuff come to us for our better good.  When we go into doubt, anxiety, and go into panic mode we stop the flow of our highest and best from coming to us.  No matter what your time frame is the universe knows what you need and by when.  They are listening to us all the time.

Learn to relax, stay calm and let what you desire for your highest good come to you.


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