Positive Energy


Abundance:   A large quantity of something.  People can have abundance in many different ways. Money, love, material items.

There are many different areas of our life in which we can have and show abundance.  There is financial, love, material items, time.  We need to remember that what we give away is what we get back and the about of enjoyment in which we do this shows our vibration frequency that will show up with this.

Over that last four years I have seen this all come and go within my life.  I am to say that it is now here to stay.  For I now understand that when we do things with love and laughter the vibration is higher than we could even imagine it could be.  Most of this is because of choices I have made and others it was time for a change.

I have met some financial poor people and yet they are the most abundant people I know.  For they know it is the love which they put into things that will always come back.  They give service to the community to help out.  They are the ones who spend time listening to people without really getting involved with their issues.

Most people have figured out the law what you give is what you receive.  How does this really relate to abundance.  If you lots of time and you volunteer all around your community then you will have more time to get what you need done.  This could come in many different ways.  One is when you volunteer you get to know people around town and make connects so when you have a bigger project and need help you will know the right person to help you.

Financial abundance I have seen is where people have the hardest time with.  For if you feel you don’t have the money you will not be willing to help anyone out financially or even help pay for an event to help spend the cost with other people.  To have an abundance feeling around your financial situation you first need to remove the fear that things are not being taken care of.  For the universe is always working in ways to make things happen for us that is for our highest and best.

As you take a look at your life.  Look at the different areas in which you could have abundance in.  Financial, friends, love, material items.  Is there one area in which you have completely happy with the abundance you receive in that area.  When you are in that area of you life what are your feelings at that time.  I understand this may not be as easy as it sounds.  Learn to caring those feelings into the other areas so you can have abundance with all areas of your life.




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