Negative Energy


Appeasement:  The action or process of appeasing.   Always wanting to please other people.  Your loyalty is on whether others are happy.

Growing up we are taught how to please other people.  Make the happy or content by doing what is asked of us.  This is started when we are little and our parents work on getting us to eat.  Then it is with us cleaning our room.  Then it goes to doing house work.  For me it was having to watch my younger brother all the time.

Then we start school and the teachers want us to pay attention, do our work.  Than the kids in the school are asking something different of you.  For some people there was never a time when you get to choice what you would like to do.  I think that in schools today it is even worst than when I was in school.  Gone are the days of school and learning to think.  The days of doing what I say when I say are here.

I know for school and home was not about learning to navigate this world and learn to think.  It was more about do what I say make me happy and you will be happy.  Well as I get older I am finding out that is really not true.  For  me doing what others what all the time does not make me happy.  I am happier when I get to be free choose what I want to do and be ok with what I make.

I have seen this in many areas of my life.  I was in a store and someone returned a cook rip roast that they had cooked up for Christmas dinner and because it was tuff they thought it had to have been the meat and returned about.  Than another time I was there and someone left some ham in there car and it went bad you could tell that it was left out of the fridge for the plastic around the ham filled up with air.  Returned it for full exchange.  What happened to the days when people where made responsible for their own actions.   We have created a society that is afraid to hurt another person feelings.


Appeasement should not be about pleasing others it is about pleasing yourself so you can serve others.





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