Negative Energy


Addictions:  The fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity.   Having too much of one thing in your life. Could be addicted to exercise, too much food.

This one has shown up in my life several times in many different forms.  The reason is always the same.  To escape my life and what is going on.  To have that instant gratification of a little pleasure within my life.

Stated out with food.  This has been one that keeps on coming around within my life.  It helps me feel good for a short time.  It never does last long.  Only as long as the nutrients stay within my body, and the feeling of being full is there.  This can change from day to day and minute to minute.  We all like to have the feeling of being full and safe.

I know I got this one growing up.  Food was a substitute for emotions and talking.  I also had food allergies as a child and parents where not aware of them I am still trying to figure out how they did not know there where several time I tried to make it to the bathroom at night to get sick as a child and did not make it.  Got sick on the stairs on the way down.

I learned that the only foods I could really eat was breads and dairy was the only thing I knew I would not get sick from.  Little did I know then as a child that is what would create the issues I have with food today as an adult.

The next addiction was smoking and yes for those who know me now I did smoke at one time in my life.  I started around the age of 16.  Needing to fit into with a group of kids.  I smoke for a total of eight years.  I was 23 when I decided to quite for I wanted to have kids and not have them in a smoking environment.  Once I realized why I started smoking work on those emotions I was able to quite.  It take some time for me to want to be around people who smoke.  Today I have friends who smoke and it does not bother me.  For we all have choices.

Alcohol is one that everyone is familiar with.  One that can cause a lot of issues within a house hold and people now what the issue is but no one wants to say.  I never had to get drunk on all the time but there where times in my life when I needed to have that drink after work before I could deal with my husband.  I had that drink after my kids went to bed during the time we had together.

Now we move up today day and age with computers.  There are more and more people finding companion in the internet instead of talking to people face to face.  People are using the internet as a false since of connection to life and people.  People are starting to spend their time playing video games whether on a game system or on the computer.

The one thing these thing all have in common is being able to escape your life and what is going on in the moment.  Not wanting to deal with what is going on in hope that is will just go away.  It has been my experience things just don’t go away until you take care of it.

The fasted way to change these behaviors is to change you.  What I am talking about if you smoke and are wanting to stop.  You may need to not hang out with friends who smoke until you are able to deal and handle being around the smoke without craving them.  So instead of hanging out talk to them on the phone.  Keeping the friendship is important.

  1. Make a plan to quite
  2. completely change your routine
  3. hang out with people who do what you want to see in your life
  4. Talk to those people who promote what you want to see change on the phone only easily to deal with if you are not watching them.
  5. Keep a journal and write down any emotions and feelings that come up honor them all.
I love myself and only do what is healthy for my body and soul.
Michelle Robin
Spiritual U

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