Christmas is a time for love.  Jesus was a great example for love and he even loved his enemies.  He knew that there was a higher plan for him and he stayed connected no matter what he was put under.  The ones who were out to hurt him, he forgave them all the time.

He did not have an easy life there where many people working on a reason to end his life for they did not like what he stood for.  In fact it was years after his passing that he even got any recognition for what he taught.  There have been many movies that have  reflected his life.

There was even times when he wandered off to the neighborhood temple to learn new things, and teach new things.  Jesus was a great teacher.  One that after all these years people are still wanting to learn from.  His message was love and for some reason we have lost sight of that after all these years.

People are judging other people because of what they look like or who they choose to love.  For many years some think Mary Magdalene was a prostitute that Jesus chose to show love towards.  I know there are controversial issues on Mary.  Either way she chose to love Jesus back and listen to his words on how to show love.

We are visual beings. This can make it hard for some to figure out how to be love or show love.  This is why Jesus was on Earth during the time that he was, to show people how to be love.  The lives he touched would multiply as people showed others how to love and be loved.

This Christmas, be the love you want to see in the world and shine that for everyone to see.

Have a very blessed and Merry Christmas.




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