Let your soul shine

Connect With Self

Celebrate Yourself, Be Your Own Best Friend

I have come to the realization on how important it is to connect with your self first.  Kids come into this world knowing how to connect with themselves.  This is when we are still really connected to ourselves and our source.  As we grow older most will lose that connection for they are raised with last of darkness within their childhood, which will diminish the light and connection within each of us.

It is hard to reconnect with ourselves as we get older but must needed.  When we are able to connect with ourselves we are ok with being alone with ourselves during any saturations.  You will also be able to find solitude in different saturation’s.

Praying is when we talk to God, meditation is when we listen.  We need to learn to listen more.  Whether it is during a meditation or with other people.  When we listen great things happen.

Connection is the source of life.  It is why we are who we are.  When we stay connected the everyday stuff does not bother us.  Or maybe we just don’t notice it that much.  We need to remember that we are spiritual beings have a physical experience.

A way to start to reconnect with yourself is to LOVE yourself.  This is hard for most people.  Be loyal to yourself first and foremost.  Celebrate yourself, I understand that if you have never been celebrated before than it will be different and maybe not feel right.  So your believes that this is not okay and maybe not normal will come into your thoughts.  This could create a energy reaction that may start to prove that it is not right or normal.  Don’t listen to that, this is your old thoughts and patterns coming in to make your life feel okay.







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