Let your soul shine

Cutting Cords


This time of year is it really important that we learn how to cut cords to have a different experience with people around this time.  I understand that family is family and you may not always see each others ways and that can make it hard to get along with them.  I have learned that cutting cords with those people can keep everything in the now.  Which is where we want to be this time of year.

What are cords?  Cords are energy that goes from one person to another when ever we have a connections with them.  This connection can come in a form of a thought, phone call conversation, or just talking about that person.  Yes people when you gossip about people you are creating an energy cord with them.   The more cords you have with one person the more there energy can and will effect yours.

I will go through a visualization that will let you cut your cords.  This is only temporary and needs to be done daily.  There is a way to pull them out.  This can be done by someone who can see the cords and can see where they start so when it is pulled out the hole it creates can be closed.

Cutting your cords.  It is best to do this before going to bed.  This way you don’t have everyone’s energy weighing you down at night making it hard to sleep.

As you are laying down in your bed close your eyes.  Think about all the people you interacted with today.  What part of your body did they touch the most.  Your heart, your mind, these are the two popular areas people get affected by others.  Imagine that there is a hula hoop that is going around your body.  As it goes over your body it is cutting all the cords interaction with people you interacted with today.

Have a great day interaction with people today.

To remove the negative cords contact me.

Michelle Robin




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