Let your soul shine


In a world where be loyal seems to be a lost concept.  I hear people say that you need to be loyal and these are the ones that show just the opposite with talking about people behind their backs.  Question: who is it that we need to be loyal to?

What I have come to realize over the years that we need to be loyal to yourself first.  What does this mean?  What does this look like?  In order for us to be loyal to ourselves what we need to do is learn how to reconnect with ourselves.  This can be hard for some.  It is learning to enjoy your own company.  Take yourself out to lunch or dinner because you want to spend time with you.  Take yourself to the movies and if you like to spend time outside go for a long walk.  These are things that are ways for you to connect with yourself.

What does it mean when we can connect with ourselves.  Right now there are many people that are getting what we call spiritual upgrades.  What this feels like is that you feel really disconnected to yourself and others.  The way to get the feeling of being connected back is to connect with yourself.  This is helpful in many ways.

During this process we find out who we really are, what we like and what serves us and what does not.  We learn to put up boundaries around people that we may be related to but are not healthy for us.  We start to take back our own power and enjoy the reactions of others.

As we learn to reconnect with ourselves the out come is that others will want to connect with us.  For when you treat yourself as someone you enjoy others will enjoy you also.


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