Inner Child

You have heard people say learn to bring out your inner child in everything you do.  Do you really know what that means?  Children see love in everyone and in everything.  To me when we see love in everything that we do we are allowing our inner child to come through.

Children when they are born in physical form they have not exposed to this world.  All they see is love and trust for the soul that brought them into this world.  I have meant some adults who are very serious about life here on earth.  It is not that children who are taught to keep that love within there heart are not serious they just know how to see things differently.

How to get back to seeing love within everything.  Look back to when your kids where little and any little kid that you may know.  Realize how present they are at the moment you met them.  How receptive where they to you.  When you talk to them recognize how they look at you.  When was the last time you gave someone that much undivided attention.

We need to start to put down our phones and electronics and communicate with people again.  We are souls that need to connect when we connect through electronics we are not really feeding our soul.  We are substituting what we really want for what is there.

Below I selected a family picture of a photo shoot that I did with my kids.  It was lots of fun.  This picture really shows everyone’s personality.  During this shoot my kids where throwing leaves at each other, jumping on backs and just really having a great time.  During this shoot if I was not able to see the love in what was going on I could have reacted in a way where I could have gotten after my kids for their behavior.  I choose see the love and let my kids be who their are to be at that moment. They had the photographer laughing throughout the shoot.



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