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Children and Spiritual Gifts

All children are connect to their guides when they arrive here on earth.  It around 5 to 6 when a child starts to believe that what they are seeing is not real and starts to put those thoughts away to never to take out again.  I did not really start to talk to even my kids about their gifts until after the age of 6.

Children and night terrors.  When children have night terrors we assume that it is because of a bad dream.  Where is this dream coming from is what we really need to look at.  To figure this out we need to ask some questions.

Do you have these visions when your eyes are closed?  Are these visions coming from a dream.

Do you see anything at night when you wake up and open your eyes?  Are there spirits in the child room at night.

If it is coming through a dream you would need to find out what they are watching during the day that could be creating those visions at night.  Some kids are really sensitive to things that they may be seeing on TV.  What they are watching on TV may need to be adjusted so they can sleep at night with peace.  Sensitive children are very visual children and everything that happened during the day they will see at night.  Especially if it is something that they did not want to see, or is brothering them.

If the child is waking up at night and seeing visions of people within the room.  There are different protections that can be put into place.  I taught my kids how to night there teddy bear.  Talked about asking them to leave and in a stern voice.  We talked about how to put up their open for business sign and their closed sign and what that means.

There are certain verbal queue that a child says when they have spiritual gifts.  Most kids have imaginary friends up till the age of 6.  It is after that when others signs can start to show up.  They start to talk about family members that have passed.  They start to predict the future.

Contact me if you need someone who has been through this as a child and having no one to talk to and having two kids that each have their own gifts that are different than mine.








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