Contracts Soul path

Living Soul Aggrements


Have you ever really sat down and wondered why things are happening to you in the order in which they are?  I have these last three years have been financial the worst in my life it is almost a different life than what I had when my kids where little.  As the years go on it is getting worst and worst.  I finally said enough is enough.  I know this is not the life I signed up for.

We will go back to certain parts of out life until the soul agreement is completed.  This can be really hard and trying for some.  For me it all started three years ago when a couple of relatives past and I choose to move in with my mom.  We bought a house together.  What was suppose to happen she was to help me to succeed so she could learn her lesson for this life and move on to the next.  Before this time I was just going on three years being divorced.  Living in an apartment with two kids and being energy suppressed.  Even through I had not really spent a lot of time with my mom for 14 years.  I wanted to help me out by helping her out and give us both a place to live.

We bought the house and moved each other in.  Was not peaches and roses.  For she wanted to go back to my childhood and I left that many years ago.  See it was not a good one.  It was full of abuse and neglect.  When I was willing to move in with her I thought she had grown some.  After about three months into living with each other I had decided that I could not go back to my childhood and she was not willing to except me for who I was.    It was during this time that she decided that she wanted to move to MN to be more with her family.  I thought we would be two people sharing the house together and living or own lives.

See when we have a soul contract with another people to help them learn and grow we don’t always understand the conditions in which we are going to go through to get through the lesson.  I was here to help my mom over come her jealousy issue she has had for many of her lives.  See her lesson for this life was learn how not to be jealous of other people.  The best way to learn not to be jealous is to help people succeed and be happy for them.

About a year ago I decided I was done and that I could not help her.  For I needed to release that energy from my soul, dissolve the contract so I can move on with my life and do I what I am her to do.  Once I decide to release the house that I was paying for that is in her name it was like a heaving weight left my body and my soul became lighter.  At this time was also happen is my body was able to relaxed and needed to clear out the emotional junk I have been hanging on to.  I become sick for the first time in years.

If you are going through something and want to know how to end it for you don’t feel like you are meant to live the life that you are.  Contact me below and I will see how I need to help you.


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