Negative Energy


Abandonment: the action or fact of abandoning or being abandoned.   Being left by a person you love with no reason why. Abandonment is a hard one to overcome.  For this one of the first lessons we learn in life is trust for our parents.  If you have ever had kids you know that they love… Continue reading Abandoment


Closing the Year

  This is the time of year when we can look back and see what worked and what did not work.  We get to make changes for what did not work.  This is what we call resolutions this is a way for us to set goals that we think will create a new year. Up… Continue reading Closing the Year

Let your soul shine

Connect With Self

Celebrate Yourself, Be Your Own Best Friend I have come to the realization on how important it is to connect with your self first.  Kids come into this world knowing how to connect with themselves.  This is when we are still really connected to ourselves and our source.  As we grow older most will lose that… Continue reading Connect With Self

Let your soul shine

Cutting Cords

  This time of year is it really important that we learn how to cut cords to have a different experience with people around this time.  I understand that family is family and you may not always see each others ways and that can make it hard to get along with them.  I have learned… Continue reading Cutting Cords